How does a livestock show work? 

A goat on display at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KYWant to see animals in real life? Try visiting a livestock show! Many areas have livestock shows at yearly fairs.

A livestock show is a chance to learn about many kinds of animals. People bring animals like cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits and chickens. Bigger animals, like cattle and horses, are taken to arenas for special shows.

Animals can win prizes at livestock shows. Judges inspect the animals to see if they are healthy. They see if the animals are the right size and the right shape. Judges also test products that come from livestock. They might test the quality of wool from sheep or milk from cows.

A judge inspects cattle in the arena at the North American International Livestock ExpoAt the end of the show, prizes go to the people who raised the best animals. They then take the animals home or sell them to breeders and other farmers.

Livestock shows are a great chance to meet people and see animals. Many animal scientists got started by raising animals for livestock shows!

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