To be a vet or not to be a vet?

The majority of incoming freshman in animal science departments enter with a desire to go to veterinary school. This is usually driven by a passion for animals, and many students are unaware of other career options.  During their undergraduate career, many students decide not to go to veterinary school, because they find other careers and degrees to pursue, while others simply are not admitted. So, students continually evaluate whether their Plan "A" is the correct one, and at times have to rapidly develop a Plan "B." The video below was put together by a group of graduating seniors, all of which planned to go to veterinary school when they entered as freshman. Some are now heading to veterinary school, while others decided to take another path. Hopefully, their experiences will be helpful to those of you trying to figure out what to do.

Transitioning into the workforce

College is a big adjustment for a lot of students, but transitioning from college to the workforce can be an even bigger challenge.  In the video below, one recent graduate explains how he made the transition and in hindsight, what he would do differently.

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