What are fingernails made of?

Camel hooves are made from the same material as your fingernails!Humans have hard nails on their fingers and toes. Nails are very useful. They protect the ends of your fingers and help you scratch itches. But what are nails made of?

Nails are made of keratin. Keratin is a protein produced naturally in your body. Your hair is also made of keratin. Eating foods with lots of vitamins - like broccoli - helps your nails grow strong.

Your nails are actually a lot like animal hooves. Animals like horses, cattle and pigs have hard hooves made of keratin. Animal horns are made of keratin too! Your nails are made of the same material as deer antlers!

Fun fact

Scientists think dinosaurs had scales and claws made of keratin! Some dinosaurs even had beaks made of keratin.