Horse hoof trimming

A farrier uses a rasp to level the hoofHorse hoof trimming is a major task involved with managing horses. Improper management of a horse’s hooves can lead to lameness. Lameness is a disability of the leg or foot that makes movement difficult. Trimming helps prevent lameness and injury of the horse.

Horses’ hooves are similar to peoples’ fingernails. Horses’ hooves grow every day just like peoples’ fingernails. Horses’ hooves need to be trimmed just like peoples’ fingernails. Horses’ hooves should be trimmed about every six to eight weeks.

Most owners pay a farrier to trim their horse’s hooves. A farrier is a person who is trained to trim and shoe a horse’s hooves. Farriers own multiple tools that help them trim and shoe horses’ hooves. This article will discuss trimming tools a farrier will own.

One tool farriers normally own for trimming is chaps. Chaps are leather leggings that cover the front of the legs. They are used to protect the farrier’s legs. Farriers need protection from the sharp tools used if the horse pulls their hoof away. Chaps also help the farrier grip the horse’s leg between their legs.

A farrier may own a hoof jack. A hoof jack holds the hoof in the position to be worked on. The hoof jack holds the weight of the leg instead of the farrier. This makes the farrier’s job less exhausting.

A hoof stand may also be owned by a farrier. A hoof stand holds the hoof for work on the outside wall of the hoof. The hoof stand holds the weight of the leg instead of the farrier. This also makes the farrier’s job less exhausting.

Farriers also own a hoof pick. A hoof pick is a pointed and curved instrument. It is used to remove dirt and stones from the bottom of the horse’s hoof. Removing the dirt allows the farrier to better see what needs to be trimmed. Other sharp tools can also be dulled by dirt.

Another tool owned by a farrier is a hoof knife. A hoof knife is a handle with a curved blade with its tip bent back. It is used to take off dried sole tissue on the bottom of the hoof. The sole is the bottom surface of the hoof that touches the ground.

Nippers is a main tool farriers will have to own. A nippers is the tool used to trim the excess growth of the hoof. They act in the same way a fingernail clippers works for people. This is the main tool a farrier must own for trimming.

 A rasp is another tool normally owned by farriers. A rasp is a flat, metal bar that has sharp projections on it. The rasp acts like a file to remove small amounts of material at one time. It is used to shape the hoof and remove sharp points made from the nippers.

One of the last tools a farrier may own for trimming is gloves. The gloves are normally made of leather and may have rubber on the finger tips. The gloves help the farrier grip the tools. They also protect his hands from injury from the sharp tools used.

The tools listed above are some of the tools a farrier may own. The listed tools are used for trimming a horse’s hoof. The farrier can also put metal shoes on a horse. Shoeing requires another set of tools along with the trimming tools to be completed.

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