What to feed a rabbit

When picking a brand of food for your bunny you want to pay attention to the following components: fiber (minimum of 18%), protein (12-14% for adults), and fat (2-5%). Usually forages (timothy, alfalfa) should be listed prior to grains (wheat, oats, corn).

Rabbits can also have fruits and vegetables! You should avoid feeding your rabbit things like: iceberg lettuce, potato, and tomato leaves. It is especially important to avoid feeding flowers or weeds as some species of these plants can be fatal.

Rabbits even enjoy eating their own droppings! This may sound disgusting to you, but for rabbits it is essential to life. This behavior is known as “coprophagy.” This occurs so that the rabbit is able to ingest nutrients they did not previously absorb.

Always make sure your rabbit has access to clean food and make fresh water available at all times.

Here is a video about the digestive process in rabbits:

Video is part of the PurinaMillsVideo channel on YouTube.