Fun fact: Dinosaurs built nests too! 

Dinosaurs had a lot in common with modern-day birds. Both dinosaurs and birds built nests and laid eggs!

We know dinosaurs built nests because scientists have found fossilized eggs in ancient nests. Fossils are the preserved remains of plants or animals. Some dinosaurs and their eggs have been fossilized in rocks for millions of years.

Just like birds, many dinosaurs laid clutches of eggs.  A clutch is a group of eggs together in a nest. Dinosaurs tended to build their nests on the ground.

Scientists think some dinosaurs tended their nests while the dinosaurs grew. Tending a nest means they turned the eggs and protected the nest from predators. Birds tend their nests too!

Dinosaurs called Maiasauruses probably lived in groups. Scientists know this because they have found fossils of Maiasauruses and their eggs grouped together. Some birds live in groups too! Penguins live in groups called colonies. Penguins lay their eggs at the same time and raise their chicks together.

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