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Are you cold or are you warm?

What is the difference between a cold-blooded and warm-blooded animal?

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Do you know what is good and bad for your animals to eat?

There are lots of foods that we eat that are safe and healthy for your pets!

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What is protein?

Protein is just one word for a huge group of tiny molecules we call proteins. These molecules do many jobs in the body. They make cells work. Proteins also help cells send messages to each other.

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Resources for Educators

Animal science is a STEM discipline that helps prepare students for high level science and math courses. Animal science is also a great way to bring biology, nutrition and genetics research to life! has resources you can share with any age group.

For elementary school educators:
Visit the Kids' Zone   |   Join the Jr. Animal Scientist program

For junior high educators:
Visit the Kids' Zone

For high school educators:
Animal science teaching plans   |   Use Animal Frontiers for in-class research

Jr Animal Scientist

A Jr. Animal Scientist membership is a great way for kids to learn about science and the animal world.

Through the Jr. Animal Scientist magazine and special online resources, kids can learn about pets, farm animals and zoo animals. Scientific information is tailored for kids ages 5 to 9 (K-3rd grades). Eye-catching photos and exciting animal activities add to the fun! Plus, all Jr. Animal Scientists get special prizes just for joining.

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