Miniature Animals!

Your favorite farm animals just got fun-sized!

Miniature horse

Miniature horses are one of the most common miniature animals. These fun animals don’t exceed 34 inches in height. This horse is proportional considering its size.

Miniature horses can live on smaller pastures. One acre can support three miniature horses.  

Like normal-sized horses, mini horses are easy to train. Miniature horses can have different moods. Some are calm and some are more energetic.

Miniature donkey  

These furry little donkeys are considered herd animals, which means that they do not like to be alone. They originate from the Mediterranean area of North Africa. Many people in this area raise donkeys as pack animals. Pack animals carry supplies and people.

Miniature donkeys can’t carry heavy loads, but they sure are cute! Like miniature horses, miniature donkeys are no taller than 34 inches. At the age of maturity, they weigh only 200 to 250 pounds. Maturity is when you have finished growing. When miniature donkeys are born, they only weigh 20 to 30 pounds.

Miniature donkeys can be grey, brown, black, or white spotted.

Miniature Herefords

Yes, cattle can be miniature too!

Miniature Herefords are a breed of cattle. They are roughly half of the size of normal-sized cattle. Because these fun animals are smaller, they need half as much feed as normal-sized cattle.

Miniature Herefords are no taller than 43 inches. These animals are red with a white face, legs and tail. They are gentle and easy to handle. Miniature Herefords can be traced back to their ancestors in England. Many breeds of cattle were originally raised in England.

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