Meet the world’s biggest rabbit! 

The Flemish Giant is the biggest breed of rabbit in the world. This breed can weigh 22 pounds—that’s as big as a small dog!

Flemish Giants were originally bred in Belgium, but people now raise them all around the world. The rabbits usually have reddish-brown fur, but they can also be white, grey or black. Flemish Giants are herbivores. This means they eat plants like hay, lettuce and carrots.

Flemish Giants are also known a “gentle giants” because they can be very calm. If the rabbits are treated gently, they can become good pets. Flemish Giants are also raised for their meat and fur.

These giant rabbits have some special abilities! They have large ears that help them hear very well. They also have good eyesight and strong legs. These adaptations help them avoid danger!

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