Animal Science

Animal science is the study of animals that live alongside humans. Around the world, humans rely on animals for food, fiber, labor and companionship. Animal scientists help us understand and manage these animals.

Animal Science Illustration

Animal science lesson plans

Adding animal science to your lesson plan is the perfect way to teach students about nutrition, biology and physiology. Through research projects, they'll practice writing skills and learn new scientific vocabulary.

One school with a strong animal science program is John Bowne High School in Queens, New York. Despite being in the middle of a busy city, these students are dedicated to learning about animals and agriculture.

Learn more about the John Bowne Animal Science Program

Debora Gottfried, a teacher at John Bowne, has designed a curriculum that requires students to use papers in the Journal of Animal Science and Animal Frontiers. Through research projects, her students learn to read highly scientific manuscripts. They also learn how to cite sources and create tables and graphs.

Students from John Bowne have shared their papers with Click the links below to download pdfs of their papers:

The Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Cognitive Functions in Fancy Mice, Mus Musculus

Organic poultry production

Behavioral Effects on Cavia porcellus in an Environment Manipulated by Color

You may use these papers as models for your students.


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